Worth it: College of Media and Publishing in the U.K., copywriter diploma‽ A review.

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

“Here’s the thing, I am a copywriter because of the 8 years of studying in a million majors, from marketing to theater to culinary arts to playwriting. I always loved the arts and although I found success in all, I always wrote, advertised and even managed sales accounts for corporations because, really I was good with copy.

Copy : text or words, especially of an advertisement.

text especially of an advertisement). At the end of the day, it was the written word that I was mastering. Even with a degree from UF and NWSA, after freelancing I decided to join the 9 to 5 world, where things like "Have it your way" and Apple's "think different" came to fruition. I tried an economic but very accredited one in the U.K.

They had assignments and chapters etc. I flew through the first tests… Was this online teacher really even noticing? Was she even real?

Then I started failing some assignments. Eureka! An actual professor worked me through it, while I worked with scattered wifi during a hurricane in Miami.

Most companies just have one copywriter either way, ask if you can be tested in the interview, write on the spot. And CMP really gave me the confidence to call my self a copywriter. Now I write everything from product names, tag lines to articles for SEO. “

-Armando Diaz

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