Copy Techniques: Writing Effective Sentence Openings and Starts

In the modern world, our attention spans are shorter than ever. Below are some examples of sentence starts and openings. Starting with a set of information, then condensed appropriately.

Sentence Openings.

Use the most important facts in the points below to write short, powerful, one sentence openings. This means you will have to decide what to put into the first sentence, and what to leave out. One sentence only, per point. Be selective.

Long version:The transport minister has called on local councils to reduce the 30mph speed limit to 20mph in residential areas. Recent trials showed that such a limit cuts the number of child road deaths by 80%.

One sentence opening:Child road deaths may reduce residential speed limits.

Long version: Factory manufacturing rose by 0.7% in July. This follows a 2.1% fall in June. Industrial production, including oil, rose 0.8% in July, 2.8% better than last July. The figures were released yesterday by the government and are seen as in dictations of economic recovery.

One sentence opening: Industrial production stats point to a recovering economy!

Long version: A health expert is warning teenagers about going on diets that leave out essential minerals like calcium. Sally-Ann Denton, Islington's community physician, says she understands why teenagers want to keep an eye on their weight. But, too little calcium can increase the risk of them getting life-threatening brittle bone disease when they are older.

One sentence opening:Life-threatening diseases may be increasing in dieting teenagers.

Sentence Starts

Write short, powerful, one sentence starts for each of the following points, using all of the facts given:

Facts: Prince William is scheduled to visit a housing estate. It's in Tower Hamlets, East London. While he is there, he will be given a poem by Leanne Malone.

Sentence Start: Prince William is to receive a poem by Leanne Malone while he visits a

housing estate in Tower Hamlets, East London.

Facts:A plan has been announced by Islington Council. It's for a new sports and leisure centre. It will cost £5m to build and will provide 100 new jobs.

Sentence Start:One hundred new jobs will be provided in the sports and leisure centre that the Islington Council has announced will be built for £5m.

Facts: A chocolate company, Nestle, is offering people the chance to win one million

free bars if they find a silver star inside the wrapper of some of their products.

Sentence Start:A million free bars will be given to whoever finds a silver star inside the chocolate company Nestle’s products!

-Armando Diaz

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