5 Most Romantic European Cities

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

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Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Dubrovnik has recently grown in popularity over that last few years, in part because of its awe-inspiring views of the Adriatic Sea. An old-world charm has inspired the imagination of many a writers and love birds. Something about a glorious stroll through those old white fortress walls leaves one in a general malaise and devout contentment. You and your loved one can fall in love all over again over the real-world version of Game of Thrones “King’s Landing.” The HBO series used this city as one of its filming locals, engaging a new audience of fans which might explain its dramatic increase in tourism and popularity. Take in a “Jewel of the Adriatic” breeze in one of the quaint cafes that call the Old Town home. If you do not want to pop the question anytime soon, perhaps wait before taking in the romance of this UNESCO World Heritage city.

Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest is widely hailed as one of the most romantic centers on our planet. A fantasy wonderland of 19th century architecture highlights by a plethora of cute cafes that line its streets highlight the ancient pools and high royal bath houses. A wonderful romantic view over the night sky with a river lit by lights on its embankments was flagged by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, featuring locations such as the Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament. Take your loved one on a walk along the river Danube Promenade then eat at a romantic dinner in a French bistro style restaurant or enjoy the buzzing night life.

Prague, Czech Republic:

The cathedrals become a light show and the old cobblestone streets will meet you halfway in your romantic voyage in one of Europe’s old-world cities, Prague. This city really comes alive at night. As if it came right out of a Fellini film, the twisting cobblestone laced lanes of the Malá Strana district are symphonic as they carry sonatas from the many palatial windows and behind the baroque grandiose gates. World War 2 only slightly touched this birth place of Bohemian Lifestyle. Your relationships are bound to flourish as much as the magic that flows throughout this land.

Venice, Italy:

“When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine… that’s amore.” A collection of glorious pastel shades that reflect on the quiet canals while echoing your footsteps in the world’s most intimate alleyways, Venice is a quintessential backdrop for romance. A gentle chug and whoosh of waterborne movement accentuate the intimacy of the vast lagoon vistas and delicious Italian cuisine. Every alley can lead to a new nook of discovery. Make your way to St Mark’s square or attend early mass at the basilica and witness ethereal Italian voices. Many hotels host an effortlessly elegant mix of antique and modern Italian architecture, a perfect place to settle down after an otherworldly gondola ride and a song in the Italian night.

Paris, France:

Steal a kiss on the Eiffel, catch a show at Moulin Rouge and define romance for the rest of your life. Paris has many faces. Find a quaint café and talk about philosophy or appreciate the midnight blue walls of the Orsay’s neo-Impressionist gallery. The night can cater to your every fantasy, as it has been a discreet capital of worldly love since it’s ancient creation or be treated like royalty under its crystal chandeliers a stone throws away from where King Louis roamed. Since Paris doubles as a modern metropolis, there is truly something for everyone. You can take a stroll in the ancient stoned paths by a perfectly trimmed garden under a million stars or enjoy some of the planet’s best cuisine in a perfectly futuristic restaurant. Best of all, Paris is suited to travel on foot. Hold your partner’s hand and step into the future, or the past, in your undying romance.

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