5 Healthcare Innovations to Freak You Out.

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

1. The Delicious Electronic Pill (Currently Available)

A tiny digestible sensor was recently developed by Proteus Digital Health, Inc… The data is transmitted to a phone app to help the patient improve eating habits and other patterns. These chips can be a standalone device or they can be integrated into any medication. Information can be sent to the physician to let him know when you took the medication, as well as any pattern that is related to the treatment plan. It is Big Brother’s technological cousin, Big Doctor. Privacy issues notwithstanding, this development could lead to significant advances in the treatment and diagnoses of an array of health issues.

2. Superbug Cleaning Robots(In 5 years)

Two robotic entities are cleaning house, literally. The duo named Xenex are three feet tall and disinfect germs with ultraviolet radiation from their heads. These superbug hunters are called Ralph and Little Joe and they are currently in use in many hospitals including Gottlieb Memorial Hospital and Loyola University Medical Center in Illinois. The twins have significantly helped the facilities by improving contamination protocols and aiding in more positive outcomes.

3. The Breast Cancer Sports Bra(Finishing tests)

Let’s take this time to congratulate First Warning Systems in Reno, Nevada for creating a predictive piece of feminine couture. A progressive tumor tracker and a temperature scanner is embedded within, gathering data on possible abnormalities associated with breast tissue. It is highlighted by a 92% accuracy score for tumors up to six years before becoming visible on a mammogram. Goodbye and good riddance, mammograms!

4. Health Insurance Debit Cards (Any moment now)

Patient payment cardsconnected to medical insurers is a trend that is waiting to happen. Although many banks have attempted similar things with HRA’s and such, it never took on. It is believed, however, that this is a job for the insurer. With health insurers being able to adjudicate in real time, the sky is the limit. Companies are starting to catch on, and innovators such as the international private medical insurance company, WellAway Limited, is seriously considering taking on this system in the future. It will help provide faster and hassle-free service for their members. More about the company at: www.WellAway.com

5. Battery-Operated Brains(In testing)

A variety of subjects have already been implanted with battery operated electrodes. Deep within the brain, wayward neurons are targeted to silence neurons that have been connected to shakes, tics, and even depression. A small button releases a charge to the part of the brain called “Area 25,” an area believed to control moods. Some severely depressed patients who have had no success with other treatments call this their holy grail. Neuroscientists call this “Deep Brain Stimulation.” From Parkinson’s to depression, there is a light at the end of this battery-operated tunnel, indeed.

By: Armando A. Diaz, Writer

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