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Opioid Zach, a Novel by Armando Antonio Diaz,

now available on Amazon. 

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From climate change to the opioid epidemic, nothing is ever what it seems. Join Zachary in a tale of mental health, evolution, melting ice caps, hidden societies and the Miami night life. We thought he was just another junkie. We thought we were the most intelligent species. Then the voices started...


"They didn’t have time to discuss. Zach grabbed the electricity device and they both ran out the back. They passed a fenced corridor towards a door to the suburbs just behind the compound.

There, in the back exit, was a small device with dials to enter a code, which opens the door just 5 feet away.


Zach figured out why they needed the electricity. He placed it on the dials and it flickered then the door unlocked. Once they ran to the door, it was locked again.

“You have to keep it on the dials so the lock stays open.” Ken said.


Zach tried everything to place the sticks on the dial in a way that they stayed, and therefore give them time to run through the unlocked door.

Coming out of the building were five or six orderlies with weapons, and the psychiatrist behind, screaming in anger. 

“I’ll hold the sticks on the dial while you run out the door and keep it open for me. Then I can just go through.” Ken said.

Zach did just that. What they didn’t know was that the fence was electrified, and only turned off while the code was entered, or the electric device was short-circuiting it. The instant ken let go of the device, the piece of the door that Zach held open shocked him, sending him a few feet back and closing again with Ken still on the other side.

“Just run! Come back for me!” Yelled Ken, as the angry orderlies reached him and began to beat him to a pulp."

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