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Moving to Nigeria? 10 Tips for Expats

Against all odds, Nigeria is becoming an expat hotspot! Lagos and Abuja are pulling talented managerial expatriates from around the world to grow their workforce. Ambitious and skilled professionals are finding opportunity in the growing expatriate communities. A recent survey by InterNations found that Nigeria has more high-earning expats raking in more than $250,000 (£160,000) per year than any other country on earth. Below are 10 tips for relocating to Nigeria.


1. Banking: Talk to your bank, most banks might prevent use of ATMs or Credit there unless notified! Additionally, be prepared to convert to local currency once there, as the use of “cash” is prevalent.


2. Many common diseases and health issues are prevalent in Nigeria, therefore, finding good international private health insurance is a must. Expats are not covered by the Nigerian Healthcare system. Companies such as WellAway Limited offer a variety of efficient options, visit


3. Housing: Most Nigerian rent is paid 2 years upfront, so if your employer doesn’t provide lodging, be prepared to pay up. Keep in mind, Nigeria suffers from a lot of power shortages so prepare accordingly.


4. Insurance: Take out health and kidnap and ransom insurance, depending on where you’re living (oil workers in Port Harcourt are at higher risk than development workers in Abuja). Note that not all companies will tell employees that they’re covered for kidnap and ransom.


5. Transport: When driving, always carry complete car paperwork, including registration documents, as stops and military checkpoints are frequent.


6. Communication: Most mobile phones are pay-as-you-go, and you’ll find vouchers for calls, texts and data for sale on any street corner.


7. Vaccines: Check the vaccines and medicines list and visit your doctor (ideally, 4-6 weeks) before your trip to get vaccines or medicines you may need.


8. Business Etiquette: It is very important to know that Nigerians build close personal relationships in their work culture, be prepared to answer personal questions in business meeting. Always be patient and do not rush the process.


9. Food: To keep safe, avoid drinking water from the tap, instead opt for sealed and bottled liquids. Additionally, avoid raw food and cooked food served at room temperature to further avoid any food-borne illnesses.


10. Evacuation: Make sure your health coverage includes emergency evacuation and repatriation, due to the country’s often inadequate healthcare, a plan with contingencies is important. WellAway Limited also provides these benefits.


In conclusion, with the right preparation, a move to Nigeria can be extremely beneficial. This wonderful life experience should not be hindered by injury or illnesses. Contact WellAway Limited to discuss your coverage options today.

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