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Underrated Movie Review

It’s inevitable; one will be asked the daunting task of providing a favorite movie. First thing I can say is that it depends on my mood but that’s cliché. So for the sake of status quo I’m going with Equilibrium with Christian Bale. This film is the love child of The Matrix and the National Rifle Administration that was raised by Robocop.

Yes it flopped in the box office.

No, Christian Bale didn’t berate an intern. (I think)

Yet scifi is my thing, and this movie was well made with some good morals on human nature’s pros and cons. And also, cats… I’ll get back to the cats…  

Humanity finds itself in a post apocalyptic utopian society that appears to be a utopia because the population takes a substance that blocks human emotions. For those who do feel, a huge furnace awaits them, which is quite dramatic for a society without emotions yet one must maintain the suspension of disbelief. 

And of course, the proverbial feces hits the high budget fan.  Really, its cookie cutter but I love cookies. And then we find out the lead character can feel because he wont murder kittens… See?  Cats and guns can’t fail.  All the characters are beautiful and perfectly dressed, even the children who speak like adults at the age of four. It has a hint of horror mirroring the shining for a minute.

The acting was decent and it is always refreshing to see Taye Diggs be the bad guy. A lot of people die in this movie, a lot. As long as the kittens lived… In hindsight, as I write this I am beginning to question if the cats lived or not. I’m not even a cat person, I swear. But at the very least this film made me think. 

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