How the Female Doctor That Couldn’t, Did... American Dream?

Cuban doctors cannot work in the United States, at least not without a fight. Female doctors have it rough no matter the country. Doctor Llopiz, an Otorhinolaryngologist, is an exception!


The doctor entered her office on the phone apparently calming down a patient on the other line. She said to the patient, “this is exactly what we were hoping for, I promised you everything would be okay, and it will be.” She looked up from her paperwork after sitting… Clearly her patients took priority over this interview so she quickly began her story.

In 1992 Doctor Llopiz fled Cuba to the United States, a single mother with a medical license not valid in her new country. She worked odd-jobs to feed her children for six years while studying to revalidate her medical license. But medicine is in her blood, and her love of healing is the heart that pumps it.


A long time patient, Maria Tejeda said, “Both when I lived in Cuba, then when I came here in 2000, La Doctora (The doctor in spanish, referring to Dr. Llopiz) Is the only person I trust to take care of me and my family”


A communist regime couldn’t stop her from working her way to the top, and her skill in otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat medicine) did not let her down in her new country either. She is followed by hundreds of patients anywhere she goes, providing services such as endoscopies, balance therapy, botox and hearing aids.


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