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Best Countries to Retire/Relocate!

Minimize your healthcare & living expenses.


There are safe and capable countries out there that offer low-cost healthcare options that the expatriate can bask in. In the United States, a family can expect to pay an exorbitant amount of money every year, just on healthcare. We have selected three countries to look at. Here you will find that healthcare expenses are minimal in comparison, yet the standard of living can stay the same, or even improve! Young professionals and even retirees are encouraged to explore these options when considering relocation. We always recommend international private medical insurance such as the robust global coverage options offered by WellAway Limited.





(City Spotlight: Las Tablas, Coronado, Boquete, El Cangrejo, Santa Fe)


As a country known for its superb private hospitals and institution, Panama living remained a little-known healthcare jewel for expatriates. Yes, due to low costs, many people opt to pay out of pocket. However, international insurance plans, like the ones offered by WellAway Limited, can cover a plethora of expenses while following you internationally.


In Panama, you pay at the time of services or discharge from the hospital. Additionally, a lot of the institutions, though featuring cheaper price tags, have U.S. counterparts of branches such as The Cleveland Clinic and John Hopkins Hospital. And it’s not all about healthcare, labor is cheap. A lot of foreign naturals become accustomed to having a live-in housekeeper for as little as $15 a day!


Costa Rica


(City Spotlight: Arenal, Central Valley, Guanacaste Region, Tamarindo, Uvita)


With surgery and hospital stays being almost a third of U.S. prices, Costa Rica is a quintessential choice for healthcare and easy living. Even though a lengthy stay in a hospital can still add up, so many people choose to remain covered under a comprehensive insurance plan. If you become a resident, you are automatically a part of ‘Caja Costarricense’ de Seguro Social, a native social security that covers your care completely for a low monthly fee.

One cannot forego mentioning the natural beauty of the country, which features bright blue beaches and pristine foliage. There is insurance available for any local, of course, such as BlueCross BlueShield Costa Rica, or an international coverage option such as WellAway, previously mentioned. A fast and capable system is a main feature of the Costa Rica private medical process



City Spotlight: Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Penang)


If you are sick and injured, Malaysia is the place to be. The costs are lower than the previously mentioned countries and the main language of the healthcare system is English. Many of the doctors and nurses were trained in the United States or Britain. Cities such as Penang also offer easy access to neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.


Malaysia is made for the heat lover. It can get very hot throughout the entire year. And rent in a small town can be as low as $100 US a month! It can get pricier in the main cities, however. Socially speaking, Malaysia is also praised around the world for its diverse nature (always proceed with caution, however) and very intense and aggressive driving styles. With such fast and risky driving, it figures that healthcare costs are low!

California Bus



(City Spotlight: Heidelberg, Leipzig, Munich, Berlin)


Germany is known for its low cost and efficient health care. They have a form of universal healthcare, which they essentially invented in the 1800’s. A three day stay at a hospital can cost patient a mere 40 euros! For U.S citizens, the Schengen Visa is not required. This means that you can decide to move to Germany and you can stay there for 90 days until you get your residence permit. Since you are moving to Germany from U.S you will need a residence permit.

The restaurants, culture and night life are not only fantastic, they are ripe with history. Expats in Germany will find an ordered, well-planned and structured way of living and working. Although the price of living can be comparable to many expensive European locations, if you avoid the large and tourist heavy regions, you can also slash the cost of life in half. Not to mention the amazing and cheap health care.




(City Spotlight: Porto, Cascais, Lagos, Lisbon)


Portugal is a vibrant nation with forests, beaches and beautiful coastlines. Historically speaking, you can find the remains of ancient civilizations and a deep-rooted culture on the Portuguese countryside. If you are a foreign natural making Portugal your home, you will probably by eligible to access subsidized state healthcare. They have a high standard of healthcare and perform very well in price-quality rankings. The price may vary from several hundred to just a few thousand euros per year.


Portugal features a sensational cost of living. It is about ½ the price of a country such as the United States. You can find a fully furnished home for as little as $300 a month. Food is also delicious and inexpensive. Fresh mangos and avocados grow in the endless fields, unencumbered by modern pollution. Almost everything is locally raised!


All In all, these are only three of countless options when relocating. It is important to be well versed in the financial and health aspects of any new location. As with any place you choose, it is important to have international health insurance, to keep yourself safe and secure. Visit for coverage options and top-notch customer service!

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