Past, Present and... Future

Creative writing, a foreword from the writer...

I love words. There is power in writing. Wars don't start because of a bullet or a feud. Wars are initiated by ideas, formed and distributed by words. With dynamic writing, I can evoke emotions. And emotions evoke action. Buy a product, protest an injustice, donate to a cause or even set an acupuncture appointment... Whatever you suddenly crave to do, a writer was behind the impulse using the right word, in the right sentence, at the right time!

Armando A. Diaz, Writer

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A Few Samples, Past & Present:

Armando Antonio Diaz now a contributing writer for magazine, Throomers. Find Diaz's articles in 2019 issue, online.


Visit Throomers.com


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Blogs & Articles


Your topic written for the world to read! Any subject and time, we take you there. Do you need to hook clients or make your family jealous? We don't judge, we dominate! Ask us about a multi blog / article contract.

See an example of a blog, click here.


& Editorials

Imagine a newspaper or magazine advertisement which is constructed like an objective journalistic article. 


The subject may be anything related to what you are promoting, or about a trending topic that also includes and promotes your company/keyword.

Social Media Posts

Giving a unique voice to your social media presence, may request posts or time of contract to engage.

A post has call to action, images, links, hashtags and must be scheduled for peak timing.  Long term services with posting pattern and topics available.

Original works

Unique content

Choose your voice

Newsletters &

Press Releases

Let your flock know the word! Professional or personal feature. These are pivotal in creating a productive environment internally, and truly putting yourself and your achievements out there. A good newsletter is a light read, with heavy results!

Top Ten Lists

Unique content to hook web surfers created from your topic / keywords etc. These lists are adept at adding SEO value to your page as well as many links and pictures per item. Additionally, browsing lists is a modern phenomenon in the smart phone scrolling industry.

Brochures and Flyers

A good brochure knows it's purpose and gets to the point. Having less space, allows one to get more creative. Brochures cannot be deleted when they are set free. Brochure and flyer copy is extremely important in putting your best self or brand out there.

Putting the pen to paper and knowing the reader, once you found it's drive and purpose, these are invaluable assets.