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Eight Apps You Need to Have While Traveling.

The world is getting smaller, and not because its thawing out. Technology is a catalyst in modern globalization. It’s obvious that phones make our lives easier. At the touch of a button you can communicate with friends, retrieve valuable information and find anything almost anywhere. As an expatriate living abroad, this tool is widely becoming a necessity. With more countries stepping into the modern age, information is more readily available in more languages than ever. We have put together a list of the eight app we most recommend!



Although you may be relocating somewhere long-term, there are a variety of reasons you will need to cross the border. Whether you need healthcare, a certain store or just to get to know your continent, a visa is required to stay in any country for a certain amount of time. Travisa makes visa requirement information available instantly for over 200 countries. Even passport services are included!


Need to find the closes bar? Not sure where the grocery store is? Where the heck is the pharmacy? WhereToGo is one of many locator apps out there, but it stands out by being truly international. It works on a global scale with over 500 location types and turn-by-turn directions. It is fully customizable and incredibly simple to use all around the planet.


If your host country doesn’t speak your native tongue, you might find communicating difficult. Learning a new language can be a struggle, but with Duolingo, it’s intuitive and seamless. Learn the language of your choice with as little as 5-minute classes daily. It is constructed to teach you how to truly assimilate the language, not just memorizing a few phrases. Combined with the local people, you’ll be speaking the tongue of your choice in no time.

XE Currency

This free app calculates currency conversions on the go. It has live & on-demand exchange rates that vary according to the markets in real time. It doesn’t just give you a number, you can look at historical rates and charts, and even set up alerts to notify you when is the best time to exchange your currency. Additionally, it stores the latest numbers automatically to give you the most updated information possible, even when you lose internet connection.


When living away from the comforts of home, it is important to make things as easy as possible for yourself. This mobile and desktop app allows you to digitally sign and send documents, anywhere and anytime. If you need to speed up a visa application, or simply can’t get to a computer, you can open and sign any document on this comprehensive and intuitive application. A must-have for expatriates on the go.


We are aware that there are more than enough communication applications out there. Every company has its own. Instagram has direct mail, Facebook has messenger, not to mention twitter and the like. What makes WhatsApp stand out is its international popularity. Since it uses your contact list, it can feel as if you are sending a message direct from your device. You simply need wi-fi or cellular coverage to connect to the program. Even though every country has different applications that have gained popularity, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, remains undefeated in the global market.

UNESCO World Heritage App

In 2011, UNESCO and HarperCollins announced the release of the world’s first complete World Heritage Application. Get to know your host country and dive into its historical culture. Experience, after all, is your life’s most dependable currency. Use the app to find the sites in your area that have been deemed important to the history of humanity. *UNESCO seeks to encourage the identification, protection, preservation and conservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.

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Facebook, because duh.

There’s not much to say about Facebook that isn’t popular knowledge. But this application (originally just a website) has changed the world. Keep in touch with everyone you have ever met, in real time. Receive important messages, organize events, attend expat event, create photo albums, apply for jobs and more… Recognizable in every corner of the world, this is not a hit or miss app. The company itself is an international titan. They have their fingers everywhere, from micro-lending to Malaysian farmers to developing planet spanning wi-fi drones.


All in all, it is important to choose what apps make your life easier. Don’t download anything without knowing it’s complete description and security measures. And of course, avoid sharing any personal and financial information on any on-line program. In terms of what makes you happy, the choice is yours.


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